I am a fiction writer and a memoirist.

As a nature-lover growing up in small-town southern Minnesota, I explored the woods, lakes and the Minnesota and Blue Earth Rivers in my hometown. My first memoir is about my experiences during the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. While living in The States,  I lived in a yurt for two years in the high deserts of New Mexico, was a nurse in a state hospital for dual diagnosis patients; and worked as an anthropological researcher, radio producer and program host. After spending a little time in Thailand, I now live in South Korea, where, during the past decade,  I've watched the country and its people undergoing swift and sweeping changes.

In Korea, I'm finishing an historical novel set in the early 1900's and a science fiction/fantasy novel. Until 2018, I taught creative and academic writing to international and Korean students at a global university near Seoul. Now, I am a Career Instructor at the University of Oregon. In addition to writing, I mountain climb and enjoy classical concerts, cooking and art. I live with my husband, a wildly intelligent Russian mathematician, and our beloved daughter, a tri-colored multiethnic cat.