The way of love is not a subtle argument

The door there is devastation.

Birds make great sky circles of their freedom.

How do they learn it?

They fall, and falling, they're given wings.


To read an excerpt,"The Bridge Jumpers," First Place winner of the New Millennium Writings Nonfiction Award, click HERE.

I traveled to Bosnia-Herzegovina as a writer and humanitarian near the end of the war in Bosnia. Spending time with Bosnian Muslim soldiers, war orphans and journalists, I learned about other sides of war than what the newspapers were writing about. I also held various fundraisers for war orphans with community members, and I wrote a memoir about the effects of the war, basing it on the bombed iconic bridge in Mostar, Stari Most, that youth of all ethnic heritages used to jump from before the war. The story is also about a young soldier and bridge jumper whom I came to know in Bosnia, who trusted me enough to tell me his story.